Summary of Totem by Thomas King~

It is about a museum staff hearing noises from a totem pole. They try their best to get rid of it, for example, they try to cut it. But whatever they try does not make the noise go away. In the they just ignore it, and eventually they get use to it. Thomas King wrote this story as a commentary. The museum staff represent the government of Canada and the museum represents the people of Canada i don't know what the totem poles and their sounds represent different cultures within Canada. It's basically how the government moved aboriginals from their land to different places


In "Totem," the importance of remembering one's heritage and past is the intended message and theme. More specifically, the theme stresses the importance of remembering the Native People of Canada who were once so abundant in number. They are a large part of Canada's heritage, and are very rich in culture and tradition that should not be forgotten.


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